Ways to Serve your Country…beyond joining the Military

Serving in the armed forces is an honorable decision and I respect anyone who risks their life to defend their country.  Given the objective of the modern U.S. military and the factors convincing young people to join the military, it’s hard to apply the phrase “Serving Your Country” to today’s troops.

Nothing can replace the Ultimate Sacrifice of those who risk their lives, and spend months away from their loved ones.  But I suggest there are many ways to Serve and Honor our Country, and the people who live here.

  • Be an informed Voter
  • Serve as an elected official, without taking bribes and without significant financial advantage
  • Serve as a Foreign Ambassador
  • Teaching grades K-12
  • Teaching the disabled
  • Volunteer for a non-profit
  • Serving as a Police Office, Fire Fighter, or First Responder
  • Work in foreign countries to develop an independent and sustainable lifestyle

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