The problem with Bridezillas…

is that people allow themselves to imitate similar behavior as these bridezillas, and justify their selfish behavior by saying it is not as bad as the people seen on TV.  The TV Show Bridezillas is a reality drama of the most extreme cases of selfish behavior (the princess syndrome).  No one should set that as a guideline for behavior.

Most reality TV shows are having a similar effect.  We compare ourselves to the most extreme of bad behavior to say our behavior is acceptable when not as severe at what we watch on TV.  The other drawback to watching these shows is that we are more likely to repeat the behavior viewed.  Humans imitate what they see, as a learning tool, during development.  Unless a person has consciously  thought about what action they wish to take in a given situation, the person is most likely to imitate the action they viewed in others.

But humans are not logical…


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