Humans are not Logical

Although I think people apply logic to make a decisions everyday, I think we have not stepped out to look at the overall picture in a logical way.

  • Technology has made life more streamlined and easier.  It’s the nonsense we on fill our lives with that makes technology more complicated and inefficient.
  • We trust celebrities, commercials, reality TV more than our government.
  • How much is a  man supposed to spend on a ring to propose marriage?
  • How much will the couple and family spend for one wedding day?  Everyone spends months (years?) stressing about every detail.  During the big day, the couple is so busy they barely say hi to everyone.  We need to reevaluate want vs. needs here.  There must be an easier, cheaper, less stressful way.
  • People who choose physical and financial torture to conceive children over adoption.
  • There are a few people out there who require medical assistance to get pregnant, and then reject the medical recommendation to terminate some of the multiple embryos because it’s God’s Will for them to conceive that many children.
  • I get frustrated at my friends for evenly splitting the restaurant bill, but have no problem buying groceries and making dinner for the whole group.

to be continued…


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