Is anyone else worried about the state of our Economy?

Well I know everyone is worried about the economy dropping further.  As you all know we are no longer in a recession, which only means that the downward trend has slowed and we are not bottoming out.  It does not mean that there is any improvement in conditions…. yet.  I’m sure in the near future (5 years) we will see the return to the highs we enjoyed before the most recent crash.

But why isn’t anyone worried about our economy’s reliance on growth to prosper? Our success is dependent on GDP growth, which relies on population growth and that can’t continue forever.  The pyramid system isn’t working for Social Security, and how long until it stops working for our economy?

Maybe an economist out there can explain to me that it’s nothing to worry about, or maybe they can trust that the system will be fixed before it becomes dire.


20 February 2011 – One economists says that population growth plays a small factor in overall economic growth, and therefore this is not a major concern.


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