What to teach our children:

Job No. 1 as parents is to recognize and encourage the strengths in each child.  I think it’s essential for children to develop confidence and a sense of accomplishment in something, by encouraging them in their strength they can develop a secure sense of self.  Job No. 2 is to provide opportunity for development of other necessary skills that may not come as easily to each individual.  Many of these skills must be learned at an early age to have a real impact, even before the typical school age of 5.

  • How to Listen
  • Communication skills
  • Respect for others
  • Hard Work results in accomplishments
  • How to Plan Ahead/Prepare
  • Anger Control
  • How to deal with Consequences for our actions
  • To have Pride in doing good work
  • The difference between Love and Lust
  • How to Contribute to our community
  • How to Evaluate information sources
  • How to Adapt to unexpected change
  • How to Fight for what is right, and stand up against wrong doing

I think parents who try to protect their children from consequences and who want to give kids a “childhood” are completely missing the point of raising a child.  Not that all fun should be eliminated, but the priority should be on preparing kids for the future to deal with life.  It will certainly help future roommates and significant others tremendously.


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