Is Facebook interaction with our friends enough?

The use of Facebook goes against my nature.  I hate being the center of attention, and with the security issues that go along with posting personal information online I have avoided using Facebook for anything other than locating friends I have lost touch with.

But I have a couple friends here who are rigorous Facebook users.  Two of these friends post on Facebook up to several times a day.  Another friend doesn’t post as much, but she will check the information regularly to get updates on her list of friends.  These people spend a significant amount of time on Facebook.  It makes me wonder if the time we spend having online friendships will be regretted in the future.  Will we look back on that time wishing we could have it back to use for real life interaction?

The fundamental question, are the relationships we have online real?  For the people I am highlighting as avid Facebook users, they are keeping in touch with real life friends and family who are long distance.  They are maintaining real relationships.  I believe the ultimate desire in all relationships is to share experiences and an emotional connection, this can occur through any form of communication just as effectively as if interacting with people face to face.  Whether writing letters, calling on the phone, or posting back and forth on a Facebook Wall, it accomplishes the same interaction as meeting up over coffee; for people who are very expressive.

So maybe my real challenge is not the use of Facebook, but rather the ability to express myself without a person there to prompt me.


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